Choosing a Wedding Dress Color

When it comes to your wedding the dress is the star of the show! The options are endless. Choose a dress colour and style that is traditional or throw caution to the wind and choose a modern bold colour and design. However, you may find that your final decision may be influenced by your budget.

Choosing the Right Color Wedding Dress


When it comes to choosing a wedding dress it can be a daunting task. Before you set foot in a shop it's best to save yourself some leg work and look for ideas in magazines. This way go to the bridal shops armed with a more detailed specification. Perhaps you want a simple a-line dress or maybe you want a fairy tale laced bodice and long sleeves. It's best to have a clear vision in mind before you get to the shops.

Made to Measure

All dresses can be altered to your exact measurements. So if you've chosen to use your grandmothers vintage wedding dress but it needs altering, get the names and numbers of a good seamstress. If you're getting the dress specially designed, be sure to get a good designer; ask friends and family for recommendations.

Wedding Dress Colour

You could choose your wedding dress colour according to the season you plan to marry in. Try gold in Autumn or a deep red dress for Winter. Alternatively you could incorporate details into your dress that match your overall colour scheme. Take someone you trust along to the shop to help you decide.

Symbolic colours

Most brides today choose a white wedding dress, a colour that symbolises maidenhood. This tradition was started by the rich in sixteenth century. The tradition was given a boost by Queen Victoria, who chose to marry in white instead of silver, which was the traditional colour of Royal brides. Before the white dress brides wore their best dress. The different colours by tradition all have different meanings.
If you wear a brown dress to your wedding it means that you will stay in the town you live in, whereas a grey dress means that you will move far away. A blue dress means that you always will be true, while the traditional white dress means that you have ended up with the right partner.

Match the Dress

Consider what height you want your shoes to be when you're having the dress fitted and bring you're your actual shoes or ones with a similar heel to the shop. This will save you a lot of problems with the alteration. Just imagine your dress being too short. It is also important to match all the accessories with the dress.

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